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Fifteen years ago, God spoke to Bro. Beauliere’s heart instructing him of a need to gather a group of people in the South Florida area to build His church.  Although Reverend Roger Beauliere, with the help of God has founded well over 18 assemblies in Haiti and knew he was one of the Lord’s emissaries; he desired further assurance that God was authoring this start of an assembly in South Florida. It acquired him several years of prayers to answer that call.


Gospel Tabernacle of Faith was founded in the spring of 2004, by the Reverend Roger Beauliere and his wife of 39 years, Marie A. Beauliere.  They moved to South Florida from Haiti to help spread the gospel of the Body of Christ among the Haitian community. God used them to bring many souls to Jesus.


The church started with merely fifteen people in a small pool house at Summit Christian School.  As we were growing in God, we outgrew the small trailer and moved to a rented church at Palm Beach Baptist.


Since then, the Lord has added more saints to the assembly and God’s blessings have covered us.  Undoubtedly, God wanted a church in the Palm Beach County. It has been vindicated many times over with many signs and wonders. One of the latest sign is the purchasing of this 10 acre property that the church acquired in October of 2011; the very place the church began.


His vision is to one day build a Tabernacle in West Palm Beach, FL suitable to fit thousands of people and a school for our kids on the property. As he continues to strive for that great calling to be fulfilled, we are praying that God will keep his covering on Reverend Roger Beauliere and the dedicated family and staff that is with him, to help guide our assembly and the community to a higher level.

our pastors:
Brother and Sister Roger Beauliere

Founder & Senior Pastor

Brother Luc Beauliere
Pastor of GTF of Greater Saint-Marc


Brother and Sister Remy Edmond
Brother Brinni Jackson



Brother Marc Salomon
Brother Albert Dieumene



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